TANOMONO - Garden Series Flower Diffusers with Vase



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The RACA view:

Halloween is fun, Christmas is exciting, but my favourite holiday of the year is Mother’s Day because it gives me the chance to give back to my mother. I always make dinner for her, write a card, and bring her some paper flowers.

Why don't I buy her real flowers?

Real flowers are very expensive, and only last a couple days at most if you take care of them well. Paper flowers, on the other hand, are beautiful, handmade, and last forever! On top of that, these paper flowers can release any fragrance, essential oil gently into air and keeps your home fresh. Just add 2 - 3 spray of your favourite fragrance or a few drops of the essential oil into the flower to fill the air with the scent of fresh scent. A perfect gift to our mums.

Size: ~12" - ~1.2"

Material: Mulberry paper


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