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The RACA view:

Saturnbird is an artisan coffee that makes quality instant coffee out of pure arabica beans, and it’s incredibly easy to make lattes, Americanos or cold brews with their instant coffee powder. Just pour the powder out of the little capsule cup and mix it with hot or cold water, or milk. Your coffee will be ready in a matter of seconds.— no brewing or equipment needed, just adding milk & water per your preference.

There are three different types of Saturnbird cold brew instant coffee to choose from in this pack of nine. The cold brew is a dark blend, the fika brew is a 50/50 blend and the milk brew is an espresso blend perfect for lattes. 

Capacity: 24 cups x 3g

Each cup = adding 300 - 350ml water/milk

Please try to re-use these pods.

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