Artisan Award Cold Brews Tea x 18 capsules



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The RACA view:

Great tasting, rich, and aromatic Saturnbird Cold Brews Tea is made from high quality organic tea leafs sourced from South Africa, Japan and Southern China. With its ritualistic brewing process and unique blends, Saturnbird Cold Brews Tea is guaranteed to be a hit with tea lovers. It’s perfect for quick afternoon break or when you need a tea boost on-the-go. Not to mention, it comes in great flavors like Rooibos, Da Hong Pao and Hōjicha. Among its many varieties, the Rooibos is popular among connoisseurs.

Producing just one capsule of tea with this artisan tea is as simple as emptying out the capsule cup and mixing it with hot or cold water. Each box contains 18 capsules of high quality instant tea that can be enjoyed anywhere – it’s like having your own private tea house in your bag.

Capacity: 18 capsules x 1g cold pressed tea 

Each capsule = adding 450ml-500ml water

Each capsule = adding 250ml - 300ml milk

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