Stay together, Stay strong, Stay safe

What we've learned over the past 12 months could pay off for years to come.

I haven't seen my family for a few month since pandamic started, I know, not only myself in this situation. There are so many friends around me who are experiencing the same. I miss free time before 2020, so so so much. 

I was working from home most of 2020, and started gettting back to office recently, life has change a bit, cooking at home much more than before, reading more than before, call mom more than before, and even more on how I response to things came to my life.

starting kinda of NO complaints, it helps nothing. 

Be resilent, Be calm, Be love, Be patient, maybe, we will say easily in the future: have you got your covid shot ( instead of have you got your flu shot)?

and always remember Family Matters More Than We Realized, don't regret when it is too late.

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