Home Sweet Home

There's a reason why the first thing we often ask someone when we meet them, right after we learn their name, is "where's are you living?"

Have you ever think about what home is?

Wikipedia says” Homes provide sheltered spaces for instance rooms, where domestic activity can be performed such as sleeping, preparing food, eating and hygiene as well as providing spaces for work and leisure such as remote working, studying and playing.”

Is it correct ? Yes, but not all. Home is a place you live with your beloved ones, a place with all the colour your love, and a place that you don’t need wear any masks. No one is ever free from their social or physical environment. And whether or not we are always aware of it, a home is a home because it blurs the line between the self and the surroundings, and challenges the line we try to draw between who we are and where we are.

My home is my little lalaland, now writing this blog in my bed with my 15 years old fur friend ViVi, he is snoring like a little piggy. 

    Lovely vivi is enjoying warming sunshine on last Saturday afternoon. 

                    My favourite entrance hall, with my own paintings through years. 

What could be better when you recieved a bunch of flowers at work, and couldn't wait to bring them home

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